How To Improve Guest Happiness | Planet Zoo

How To Improve Guest Happiness | Planet Zoo

Guests are super important to keep happy in Planet Zoo.

You can only make money if you have happy guests who are willing to spend money in a well created and managed zoo.

Here’s how to increase guest happiness in Planet Zoo as well as every guest detail explained…

Individual Guest Information

To find out more about an individual guest, simply click on their body.

Guest Happiness Details

Guest Status

This area tells us what the guest is doing or which habitat or facility they’re going to.

Use the Guest locator to find the guest and follow them around your zoo.

Guest Happiness and Education

If all of the guest needs talked about below in this article are fulfilled, their happiness rating will be almost maxed out.

To increase a guest’s education rating, read our guide on how to increase education ratings in Planet Zoo here.

Recent Thoughts

Ever heard the phrase “the customer is always right”? They’re not, but we pretend they are…

This is a great tab to understand exactly what your guest is thinking. They will provide lots of feedback, both positive and negative, so make sure to monitor your guest feedback constantly.

Guest recent thoughts Planet Zoo

Guests will provide feedback on all sorts of things, including ticket price, viewing areas and whether they think animals are being well looked after as some examples.

You can see more of their feedback on the next tab along.

Guest Needs

Why do our guests have to be so needy?


Energy will fall as the guest spends more time in your park.

However, if there are plenty of resting places such as benches around your zoo the energy will regenerate.

Guests will also increase their energy when using zoo transportation to get around.

Hunger & Thirst

Make sure there are plenty of places to eat and drink in all areas around your zoo.

As zoos can get pretty big, its important to make sure that there is easy access to food and drink. That means no large queues either!


Pretty self explanatory, make sure there are places to pee, they’re not animals!

Guest Information

“Wants to see” is usually the guest’s favourite animal. There’s not much we can do here other than provide a wide range of animals in the hope of pleasing everyone.

Carried Items. Get your guests buying items to carry or wear to keep them happy and to make you money.

Adopted animals.

If you have Information desks around your zoo, guests will also be able to adopt animals and carry their information packs around. This can be a great money maker.

Places Visited.

These are the habitats or facilities that have been visited. Its useful to name your habitats with what animals are in them so you can easily see where guests have been.


This tab is quite easy to understand. The group cash remaining is the amount of cash left between all members within the group/family.

Guest group finances Planet Zoo

Guests will run out of money eventually, so make sure you have ATMs located all around the zoo so that they can’t run out of money, otherwise they’ll stop spending all of their sweet cash with you.

Group information

This shows you what type of group the guest is in such as a family for example, the time they’ve spent within the zoo which is real world time, and the rest of the group members.

Guest Group Information

You can eject the group from the zoo too, so if guests are unhappy and begin smashing up your zoo, your security can kick them out.

This is important as damaged property and vandalism will upset more guests and can snowball out of control.

Guests Overview

To find your guest happiness overview, click the zoo button in the bottom left. Then, select the Guests tab to find lots of useful information.

Here you’ll be able to get a feel of what all of your guests are thinking and how to manage your zoo effectively to improve your overall guest rating.

Zoo Guest Overview Planet Zoo

Guest Statistics

Shows you some interesting data around your guests behaviour and spend.

You could focus on trying to improve your guest’s average spend on food, drink and other purchasable items or experiences to increase your profits.

Average Guest Needs

This is a really important tab. If you don’t want guests protesting and demanding refunds you’ll need to work on getting these guest needs green.

A timeline of guest feedback shows you what to improve on. If guests are complaining about being able to see staff facilities, we have a guide on how to hide staff facilities in Planet Zoo.

Guests are literally telling you how to improve their happiness…

All you need to do is simply monitor your guests, click on a few different visitors every so often, find any common themes that may be getting them upset, and work hard on fixing the most important ones.

If there’s tonnes of things wrong, don’t forget to pause the game, prioritise and take it one step at a time.

Check out other Planet Zoo guides if there’s something you just can’t get right for your guests.

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