How To Clean Water In Planet Zoo

How To Clean Water In Planet Zoo

Water and lakes can be created within your Zoo using the landscaping tools which allow for you to create beautiful spaces for guests to enjoy.

However, if your animals require water in their habitat, you better make sure you keep their water clean.

Why Do I Need To Clean Water?

Any natural water within your zoo will become dirty overtime, making it unsafe for animals to enter.

If an animal spends some time in unclean water, they will eventually become sick, and may die.

Therefore, it’s important to know how to clean water in Planet Zoo, to keep your animals healthy.

Build A Water Treatment Pump

To keep water clean you will need to build a water pump.

Water pumps filter the water, ensuring that dirt is removed and clean water goes back into your zoo’s lakes.

To build a water pump, go to Facilities and then Utilities and select the water treatment pump.

This facility will set you back $2,000, but it will be a must have object if you want specific animals that need water within your zoo.

Buy Water Treatment Pump

Placing The Water Treatment Pump

Don’t forget that guests don’t like seeing staff facilities or utilities. Keep your pumps well hidden if you don’t want guests to get annoyed.

When placing this object, the heat map for water cleanliness should display. Ensure that your pump’s filtering area on the heat map covers the water you’re trying to clean. You’ll also need to place it in an area in which the pump will receive electric power.

Ideally, one water treatment pump will cover multiple lakes so that you don’t need to waste money on multiple pumps.

If you can’t view the heat map or want to view it later, use the Heatmap button in the bottom left and select the Water tab to view the area your pump will clean water in.

Over time, the effective area will shrink, only by a little, so you need to make sure your mechanic visits to maintain the pump regularly.

Water Cleanliness Heat Map

Assign A Mechanic To Your Water Treatment Pump

Every so often, your pumps will break down, so don’t forget to assign a mechanic.

You’ll need to ensure that water pump has been added to the relevant work zone as well as having a mechanic assigned to that work zone too.

If you find that your pump is breaking down often, increase the frequency in which the mechanic performs maintenance. Players report that a check every six months should be fine.

Keeping Water Clean Is Important

Building a water treatment pump is the only way to keep your water landscapes protected from getting dirty and potentially causing disease in your animals.

Many animals need clean water as a part of their habitat requirements in Planet Zoo.

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