What Are Conservation Credits In Planet Zoo?

What Are Conservation Credits In Planet Zoo?

There’s a brand new in game currency along side your usual bank balance to look after in Planet Zoo: conservation credits.

They’re a little confusing to understand at first and require some explaining as they’re a key part of the game. So read on to find out what exactly are conservation credits and how you can use them effectively to construct your zoo.


Conservation credits are earned when playing Franchise Mode in Planet Zoo alongside normal cash gained from guests in your zoo. Learn how to make more cash money in Planet Zoo.

The credit currency features in the Franchise game type which is an online only mode where you can create your very own animal kingdom and zoo franchise, trading with other players around the world in Planet Zoo’s very own marketplace.

To start a new zoo, you will need 100 conservation credits.

How To Get Conservation Credits

There are a few main ways to get more credits.

  1. Logging in daily
  2. Clearing challenges / community and zoo tasks
  3. Releasing animals into the wild or selling via the online marketplace
  4. Keeping animals in a top condition so that their value increases

Cash is much easier to obtain than credits, so save your credits when starting a new save to buy harder to earn in game items in the future.

Strategies To Quickly Get Conservation Credits

We will update this section with strategies to increase the amount of credits you have, but for now, here’s what we imagine will become significant in game:

  • Using the market to make credits by buying and selling animals. Like most markets, prices change. If we can predict the price increase of an animal, we can purchase in advance and sell at a higher price in the future.
  • Breeding animals to release back into the wild. If you’re able create a successful breeding strategy, putting up animals for sale with superb genetics, you will be rewarded with a wealth of credits.
  • Breed animals that have quick pregnancies and that have more than 1 spawn. African Dogs and Wolves can be useful to start with due to the size of their litter. Further down the line when you have expanded your zoo try Elephants and Tigers.

Elephant in enclosure eating grass

Using Conservation Credits To Adopt Animals

When adopting animals, conservation credits are the primary payment method, although it is possible to use cash when adopting animals.

As the market decides the price of an animal, the price will change overtime. If you want to sell animals quickly, you can list them for less conservation credits than the market average to increase the chances of a sale occurring. If you’re listing an animal for a higher conservation credit price than the average, you’ll earn more credits but the transaction will take longer as other players will look for more affordable offers.

There are a few factors that affect the value of your animal including:

  • Species
  • Age
  • Genetics

Players can only trade habitat animals and if you have the deluxe edition of the game you’ll be able to trade deluxe animals.


Remember, cash is still a crucial part of franchise mode in Planet Zoo, but be prepared to stock up on conservation credits if you want to build a successful zoo empire. Upon the games release we will understand even more about how useful conservation credits will become and their influence on our zoo building. Be sure to check this article once again we provide you with the strategies and information you need to be credit rich.

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